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Hello to all the World Shapers, Dream Makers, and Booty Shakers! Happy Autumn! Lately I have been contacted by people who want to be supportive to women in destructive relationships, but don’t know how. I’ve been stopped in the grocery store parking lot, messaged on Facebook and called from abroad about this issue. Women in exploitative and abusive relationships are waking up to the manipulation they’ve experienced for years and are realizing, “enough is enough.” Someone asked me yesterday if she could start a support group, and I said, “Um Yeah! Lemme get right on that!” And so I did. And I want to make the material available for everyone.

How about you? Are you interested in starting a group to help women in destructive relationships? If you have been moved, like me, to do something, I have some free stuff for you to use, have, copy, give out, spill coffee on, whatever. Living in the Pink Support Groups (LIPS Groups for short) are a way you can support women on the journey of hope and freedom one step at a time. You don’t have to be an expert or professional or married or single or even a cat lady (although, every group needs one crazy cat lady) – you just have to have a heart for women who need support.

Here is a Preview:


Living in the Pink Support Group

Women going through relationship challenges need support. Especially women who are in Loser, User, or Abuser relationships. Typical relationship advice doesn’t work for these women, because they are not in typical relationships. They are in exploitative relationships. They have special circumstances and special considerations that are simply not addressed in typical marriage books, marriage retreats or couples counseling.

What does Living in the Pink Mean?

I discovered the term Living in the Pink when I was looking for a synonym for, Emotionally Healthy. Apparently, health professionals use this term to describe someone who is thriving, living with vitality and vigor.  I now use it to describe women who reclaim their lives by breaking free from toxic relationship patterns. When women Live in the Pink, they know their God-given value and they live according to it. They perform radical self-care, they show love toward others and they stand up for justice- especially in their own homes.

What Do Living in the Pink Support Groups Do?

Women who are trying to break free from exploitative or abusive relationships need a lot of support and care. They need other women who believe them, who stand with them, and who will be their biggest cheerleaders when they accomplish hard things. LIPS Groups are designed to accept each woman without judgment and offer understanding and compassion.

How can you get started?

Once you have 3-5 women who are interested in coming, set the date and time that works best. You can work through the blog posts I’ve selected here as a place to start. Work through one or two blog posts each group meeting, depending how much discussion is produced. I’ve broken them into categories of need. Women will be in different stages of realization and acceptance of their relationship condition. Some will be fully aware of the manipulation and abuse in their marriage, some will still be in some denial about just how bad it is. Some will be divorced and remarried. It’s all ok. Women are ready at different times. The group’s role is to provide a safe space to think and talk about these issues, and to offer resources and support.

If this has piqued your interest, and you can think of a couple women right now that you’d like to invite, then download this Free Facilitator’s Guide.

LIPS Group Guide Picture


It has everything you need to get started. Once you get started offering a support group to the women you care about, let me know how its going, and if there is anything else that you need. I’m happy to help in any way that I can. I believe that there is power in groups of women meeting together, getting the encouragement to move the mountains in their lives.

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