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Why We Love Once

Sweet and Sassy have been counting down the days until the season premier of Once Upon a Time. Last night, we nestled ourselves on the couch, fought over the blanket, and begged Mr. Dashing to make us some popcorn. Of course, our  Prince Charming can never tell us “no.”

We are entrenched. Addicted. Happily so. Partly because it’s great family fair, plenty of suprising twists and turns, and some villains we love to hate. Or is it hate to love?

The Evil Queen, Regina is just so hard to hate now. She was so evil for so long, unleashing murder and mayhem throughout her realm. So what happened, why did we now want to see her get her happy ending?

Because we see her as human instead of just wicked. We identify with her pain, and her past mistakes. We get it that people are three dimensional. People aren’t all good or all bad. We’d like to think of them as all good or all bad because we have a place in our brain for all good and all bad.

You can trust the all good people, and you should avoid the all bad people. And if an all good person hurts us, then they become all bad, and we kick them out of our club. Seeing people two dimensionally releases us from having to do forgiveness work.

Forgiveness work causes us to see ourselves as three dimensional people too. Forgivenss makes us realize that though we try to be all good, sometimes our motives are all bad. We want Regina to get her happy ending because we want ours.

Storybrook is a special place that villains can find redemption.

We can identify with Red, who is sweet as honey most of time, but once a month she turns into a real bi&@%… er, beast. Familiar. And how about Emma. The savior position was thrust upon her even though she never felt adequate. Also familiar. Not the savior part (pshaw!) but the feeing inadeuqate part.  

So, since we can relate to the colorful characters in Once, and all their goodness and badness, the characters also ask us to look at ourselves. 

Accepting forgivenss from The Author of all Redemption is the first thing, and then offering it to the villains and heros operating all around us is the second, because at some point, we will occupy both positions.

Thank you, Regina and Emma and Red for helping us accept ourselves just as we are- good, bad, and all the in between.

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