Losers, Users, and Abusers and the Women Who Love Them

by Michelle Hollomon

You can’t put your finger on it, but you know something isn’t right.

You think to yourself, “This isn’t the way a relationship should be.”

You think, “He says that he loves me…” but inside you feel anything but love.

The criticism, the mind games, the cold silence, and the crazy-making roller coaster ride of your relationship is getting you down.

Whether you are in a troubled relationship now, or just seeking to understand yourself better before you start something new, Michelle Hollomon, Licensed Counselor, can show you how to attract and experience authentic love, instead of the mediocre or even toxic love you’ve experienced. You will learn to…

  • Reclaim your confidence, self-respect, and power.
  • Identify the type of relationship you are in (Loser, User, Abuser, or Lover) and why this is your default relationship pattern.
  • Recognize secret manipulative and abusive behaviors hidden in relationships.
  • Identify if, when, and how leaving is necessary.

Stop self-defeating patterns that wreck your love life. Attract the lasting love you always wanted.


Using riveting illustrations, the author skillfully unmasks the motives and tactics of Losers, Users, and Abusers. She also paints a clear picture of how a true Lover behaves in relationships… If you want to reclaim your power, confidence, and self-respect; if you want to stop self-defeating patterns that wreck your love life; and if you want to attract the lasting love you’ve always wanted, this book is for you.

— Diana Savage, via Amazon

Therapist Michelle Holloman, MA, LMHC, skillfully offers an understanding of why you are drawn to toxic people. Her wisdom evokes thought for anyone who finds themselves entangled with what she cleverly calls “users, losers and abusers.” Read this to learn more about yourself, your relational patterns, and how to learn to recognize and avoid entanglements with harmful people. Begin the life-changing process of choosing relationships with greater intentionality with this insightful book. This work includes exercises to grasp more clearly how to recognize and disentangle yourself from unhealthy people. A must read!

— Cherrie Herrin-Michehl, via Amazon

The author speaks about “Soul Holes,” and how many partners tolerate mind games, crazy making and abuse in relationships in hopes of filling these holes. The book provides self-assessment activities and therapeutic tools and strategies that can help restore order and boundaries in these relationships, and back into your life. Good read for self-examining, and helping you understand the way you relate to others.

— Joanna F., via Amazon

Michelle knows how to weave humor, research, new ideas, and humility into her brave book sharing how to grow in who and how you attract different types of people. A must-read for clinicians and those who want to grow in their relationships.

— Amazon reviewer

God Unwrapped

by Michelle Hollomon

God is Love…but not the kind you are used to.

Various misconceptions about God are closely linked to god-figures we had growing up, like parents, teachers and coaches. we were raised by imperfect people, and without even knowing it, we have views of an imperfect God.

The thing is, our view of God is the most powerful indicator of our success in life. If our view of God is warped in any way, it can devastate how we relate to ourselves and others, ultimately leaving us disappointed with God and life.

This is a bold approach to empower and energize your relationship with God. The Bible says, “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing.”

Imagine what it would be like if you could overcome the things that stopped you in the past and experience the new thing God has for you?

See God for who He really is.
See yourself as God sees you.
Reclaim the parts of your life that have been broken.
Pursue the God-given, unique call on your life.
Realize the confident life God always wanted for you.


“After I finished reading your book, I went back through one more time. Chapter by Chapter I highlighted lines, words, images that stood out to me. The second time through was different- my past didn’t hurt so much. The wounds that were so raw the first time, were already starting to heal! I know now, without a doubt that Jesus really loves me.”

— Marissa M. of Dallas

“The god-figures in my life painted a picture of God to be judgmental and aloof. Your book has helped me to re-think God, and understand His grace more.”

— Cindy S. of Seattle

“Michelle does a masterful job at unraveling the assumptions we have about God, and surprising the reader with the truth of God’s character.”

— Steve Arterburn, best-selling author and speaker