Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Overcome the stress and anxiety that has stopped you in the past
  • Navigate relationship difficulties with confidence
  • Gain control over ineffective relationship patterns
  • Exercise healthy boundaries and communication skills
  • Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts

Hello, I’m Michelle Hollomon and I’m a licensed mental health counselor, coach and author. Whether meeting face to face in my counseling office, or meeting by phone for coaching, I can offer a supportive working relationship to help you meet your personal and relationship goals.

Your life matters, let’s talk.

Michelle Hollomon

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I provide compassionate counseling for individuals and couples.

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Need an objective point of view for clarifying your purpose and goals?

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How to Have That Difficult Conversation

Are you avoiding a difficult conversation? Maybe you are afraid of an explosive reaction, or of being minimized or turned down. Here are three helpful tips to help you through that difficult conversation.