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Making Plans for the New Year

This Nook is where I do my writing and reading and praying. Oh, and Facebook surfing. The praying usually gets interrupted by the Facebook surfing. You know, just keepin’ it real. Anyway, this is where I do my best work. My soul work. My creative work. And since, it is the New Year, and people are making plans, I thought I might share a few questions I’ll be asking myself as 2016 approaches. I’ve also shared some of the things that decorate my Nook.

I have a space in my house called “My Nook.” The kids know where to look when the house is quiet, because this is my favorite room to hang out. It over looks the neighbor’s unfenced back yard where I can see the deer eating her flowers. The shelves are lined with my favorite books, pictures of my favorite people, and gifts from family who aren’t around anymore. I don’t want to brag, but it even has a fire place. Oh Snap. 

  • What are the best things that I can do with my time? There are a lot of good things I can be a part of. There are good organizations, good jobs, good groups and good people. But what is the BEST use of my time and energy? Don’t neglect the BEST for the good.
  • What is my singular calling? There are a lot of different things that I do in a day. Just like you, I wear a lot of different hats with different roles. However, I want to be singularly minded on my priority- my calling- my mission. For me it is to let Love Lead. Have you thought about your singular mission? I mean the thing that rises to the top in importance- it outweighs everything else you do in life. What is that? There are many distractions that take our focus off our Singular Calling, so give this a little thought to help you get it prioritized again.
  • What is my next step? You don’t have to write every goal down, or plan every step for a successful 2016, but you can identify what your next step will be. Write down a few action steps to get you feeling accomplished and motivated. Getting something done that you’ve been putting off is a great way to start the year.

Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future,” is more like a goal than a reality for me. Maybe you can relate.

Let’s ask ourselves these questions together, and prepare for the best 2016 can offer us.

Happy New Year!

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